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Haven Green sources compelling investments that are:

  • Experienced, market-leading asset managers and management teams

  • Proven at converting sustainable advantage into competitive risk-adjusted returns

  • In private markets strategies that enhance portfolios

  • Delivering material impact for institutional investors.

We source, represent and advise on a select range of opportunities across the private markets and alternatives spectrum,  within the following areas: 

Matching Plus / Long-Term Income

  • Longer duration, primarily credit but also equity strategies, yielding strong and predictable cashflows from largely contractual income sources

  • Used by investors to add significant value to solvency, liability or cash flow benchmark portfolios.


Examples: operating renewable energy, infrastructure debt, real estate debt

Thematic / Cyclical

  • Credit and equity strategies exploiting fundamental change or sustainable themes, economic or market turning points or extremes, regulatory-driven inefficiencies or arbitrage, forced balance sheet restructurings and other macro developments

  • Used by investors to generate strong absolute returns from diversifying factors or sources, often or preferably with a strong cash-based component to returns.


Examples: distressed debt, energy infrastructure, stakeholder-focused “impact” strategies, agriculture, entertainment, 100% short equity, bank regulatory capital, global macro